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what is SME R&D Tax Relief?

Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credits reward small to medium (SMEs) sized companies for their innovations and improvements to business services, via a Corporation Tax reduction or refund.

Can I Claim RDEC?

Research and Development Expenditure Credit (RDEC) can be claimed for a company's research costs - designed to incentivise business innovation in the UK. Talk to us today to see if you are eligible.

R&D Report Writing Services

Our team will provide you with a R&D Technical Report, showcasing your eligibility for a Tax Refund, removing the stress and pressure from your claim.

R&D Compliance Support

We are specialists in making sure your claim is compliant. HMRC check a percentage of all claims to make sure they are legitimate, and we know exactly what you can and can't claim for, ensuring a smooth and seamless process.

SME R&D Tax Relief

The Research and Development Tax Credits Scheme was introduced by the Government in 2000, allowing small to medium sized businesses to claim back expenses on monies invested in innovation and development.

Since it was introduced, SMEs have claimed back more than £42 billion collectively. Businesses can claim for the past two accounting years, allowing you the time to assess the suitability of the scheme for your innovation projects.

Roger Hopkins Services

Report Writing Services

Our service includes a Research and Development Technical Report explaining the objectives of the projects you are claiming for, along with any scientific or technological issues addressed in the process.

This document will clearly demonstrate to HMRC that the R&D work conducted satisfies the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) guidelines.

Roger Hopkins Services
Roger Hopkins Services

R&D Expenditure Credit (RDEC)

Much like the R&D Tax Relief Scheme for SMEs, RDEC was introduced for the private sector, giving businesses the chance to reduce their Corporation Tax Bill over the past two accountancy years, and providing the opportunity for loss-making companies to also reap the benefits of the initiative.

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Compliance Support

We offer you complete peace of mind when it comes to making sure that your claim is legitimate and compliant with HMRC. Many tax advisors boast a 100% approval rating, but this is often simply not the case.

HMRC may have processed the claim and released the funds, but this does not mean the claim was compliant. We ensure that you are only claiming for areas of your research and development that HMRC would approve, should your claim investigated retrospectively.

Out highly skilled compliance officers can often also highlight areas where future claims could be fruitful, increasing the potential of your business innovations.