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Did you know that only 5% of businesses who are eligible for R&D Tax Credits actually claim them?

Whilst many businesses are simply unaware of what classifies as Research and Development, others have the misconception that the process to make a claim will be time-consuming and fruitless.

We are here to help you turn your innovations into profit by utilising R&D Tax Credits – take the pain out of the claim and call us today to discover what you could be owed, and let us do all the hard work for you.

Claim Tax Credits

Research and Development Tax Credits are a Government backed incentive to reward and encourage innovation in business. Most businesses invest in R&D in order to improve their services and offerings, but many are unaware they can claim Tax Credits to offset their investments.

Tax Relief for Improvement

Companies who invest in developing new products or services, or methods in how to improve or best utilise existing ones, can claim Research and Development Tax Credits from the Government scheme, reducing the overall spend of the project for your business advancements.

Your Efforts Rewarded

Your product or service may have had to change to meet the demands of new market requirements, or you may have improved its functionality through research and innovation. Whatever the reasons, if you have undertaken R&D, speak to us today to find out if your efforts can be rewarded.

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Who Are Roger hopkins?

We are a team of highly experienced individuals who understand the vast array of Research and Development scenarios, allowing us to evaluate your business and maximise your claim for R&D Tax Credits. Our focus is twofold:

  •  To develop a trusted relationship based on honesty and transparency where we can facilitate the maximisation of your R&D efforts, putting your business at the forefront of our focus, and delivering exceptional service every step of the way.

  • To fully understand your business direction, motivations and challenges, coupled with how your innovations have improved your professional offerings, in order to achieve the best possible result in any R&D Tax Credits claim.


What We Will do for You...

Our highly experienced R&D specialists understand the claim process, meaning we will help you prepare all he information required to secure a swift and lucrative claim.

Whether you are an SME or a large corporation, we can identify opportunities for you to receive a refund from HMRC for time and money you have invested in research and development.

Release your Full Potential...

We are experts in RDEC Research & Development claims, helping business – no matter their size, realise the value of investing in improvements.

Our extensive knowledge allows our team to know precisely what expenses in your R&D project are claimable, maximising the full potential of your claim.


allowing you to focus on the day-to-day running of your business

Are you Eligible?

Contact us today and we will check your business eligibility for a tax refund. We have a successful track record in helping companies just like yours.

Our expert teams make the process simple and seamless, taking the pressure off you, and allowing you to focus on your daily operations whilst we manage your claim.

We've helped hundreds of companies claim back thousands!

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